Health Information

Health Forms

PA Dept of Health - Private Dental Form

(Dental exam required for initial entry to school, then grades 3 & 7) 

PA Dept of Health Private Physical Exam Form

(Physical exam required for entry to school, then grades 6 & 11)

Medication Release Form

PA Immunization Requirements

PA Dept of Health Medical Certificate (be sure to print in landscape mode so that it fits on the page)

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Voluntary Drug Testing Program Agreement

ADDITIONAL immunization requirements

Do Not Delay: 

Please make an appointment with your child's healthcare provider to obtain the necessary immunizations prior to the start of the school year.

*The Erie County Department of Health provides immunizations to children, adolescents, and adults. For information on the eligibility criteria for vaccines and appointments, please call 814-451-6777. Parents or guardians over the age of 18 years must accompany children under 18 years to an appointment. Previous Immunization Records must be brought to the appointment. 

Students Need the Following Immunizations for School Attendance: 

Children in all grades (K-12)

Children entering 7th Grade

** If not given in 7th grade, children entering 8th - 11th grades will need these immunizations to start the current school year.

Children entering 12th Grade

For ALL immunizations in ALL Grades: 

If you have questions, please contact: