Staff Directory

Northwestern School District • 100 Harthan Way • Albion, PA 16401 • p. 814.756.9400 • f. 814.756.9414

Most district e-mail addresses are in the format of first initial, last name followed by For example, to e-mail Sample Teacher, you would e-mail "" ~ in the case where two users have the same first initial and last name, a middle initial is included for the staff member.

District Contacts

Superintendent of Schools • Mr. John Hansen • x4254

Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Title I & Federal Programs Coordinator • Ms. Yvonne Teed • x4351

Business Manager, Tax Office, & Open Records Officer • Mrs. Melanie Floyd • x4242 (PA Office for Open Records)

Special Education Supervisor • Mrs. Kristen Rutkowski • x2268

Special Education Secretary • Mrs. Wendy McKeen • x2268

Instructional Technology Specialist & PIMS Administrator • Mrs. Susanne Lehman • x5345

Child Accounting & Homeless Liaison • Ms. Patty Norton • x2264 (Homeless Youth Education Information)

Title IX Coordinator & Home School Liason • Mr. Greg Lehman • x5251

Director of Food Service • Ms. Heather Brady • x5263

Cafeteria and Transportation Secretary • Mrs. Roberta Roseski • x5264

School Resources Officer • Corporal Jon McEnroe • x1279

Administrative Secretary to the Superintendent • Mrs. Tammie Clinger • x4254

Payroll & Benefits • Mr. Daniel Helmbrecht • x4244

Accounts Payable • Ms. Toni Glus • x4222

Bus Garage • 814.756.3308

School Board

Mr. Mark Swanson, President

Mr. Kevin Saxton, Vice President

Mr. Gary Bilek

Mrs. Joan Baxter

Mrs. Peggy Kemling

Mrs. Stephanie Patrick

Mrs. Shelly Rice

Mr. Sam Ring

Mrs. Leslie Soltis

High School Faculty

  • Mrs. N. Herath, Principal
  • Mr. C. Boyd, Assistant Principal
  • Mrs. G. Gollmer, Guidance
  • Mr. G. Nieder, Guidance
  • Ms. M. Mullen, Secretary
  • Mrs. J. Pearson, Clerk
  • Mrs. J. Frawley, Guidance Technician

  • Mr. R. Asmondy, Mathematics
  • Ms. J. Bish, Emotional Support
  • Mrs. S. Brockett, Cafeteria
  • Mrs. S. Byers, Health & Phys Ed
  • Mr. A. Canfield, Librarian
  • Mrs. R. Pfeiffer-Carr, English
  • Mrs. N. Chase, Art
  • Mr. N. Copeland, Refocus Room
  • Mr. C. Corder, Technology Education
  • Mr. D. Corsini, Science
  • Mrs. D. Cox, Cafeteria
  • Mrs. A. Fenell, Learning Support
  • Mrs. A. Gariepy, Cafeteria
  • Mr. J. Gibson, Music
  • Mrs. E. Hagmaier, Cafeteria
  • Mr. C. Haskins, Enrichment
  • Ms. S. Henley, Paraprofessional Aide
  • Mrs. B. Homansky, Refocus Room
  • Mr. A. Honeycutt, Agriculture
  • Mrs. L. Krahe, Library Aide
  • Mrs. S. Macfarlane, Science
  • Mrs. S. Mahoney, Learning Support
  • Mrs. H. Martin-Raddock, SAP Counselor
  • Mrs. J. McBride, Paraprofessional Aide
  • Mrs. A. McCrory-Math & Career Education (L/T Sub)
  • Mrs. S. McQueeney, Cafeteria
  • Mrs. B. Miller, Business
  • Mr. C. A. Miller, Social Studies
  • Mrs. J. Miller, Learning Support
  • Mr. R. Miller, Technology Education
  • Mrs. A. Mitchell, Cafeteria
  • Mrs. C. Murray, Science
  • Mrs. C. Nearhoof, Paraprofessional Aide
  • Ms. S. Ogden, English
  • Mrs. S. Ordakowski, Tutor
  • Mr. R. Parker, English
  • Mrs. S. Pavolko, Life Skills
  • Mrs. L. Ramey, Cafeteria
  • Mr. P. Regan, Mathematics & Science
  • Mr. S. Richards, Health & Phys Ed
  • Mrs. M. Ruland, Science
  • Mrs. J. Schmidt, Family & Consumer Science
  • Mrs. M. Severo, Spanish
  • Mr. A. Shaw, Social Studies
  • Mr. S. Shimek, Social Studies
  • Mrs. J. Shipton, Mathematics
  • Mrs. K. Smith, Paraprofessional Aide
  • Mrs. M. Smith, Study Hall Monitor
  • Ms. C. Soerensen, French & German
  • Ms. K. Sundberg, Nurse
  • Mrs. A. Thiem, Language Arts
  • Mrs. S. Throop, Mathematics
  • Mr. J. Wolford, Social Studies
  • Mrs. L. Woods, Cafeteria

Middle School Faculty

  • Mr. G. Lehman, Principal
  • Mr. J. Nagle, Guidance
  • Mrs. K. Fedinetz, Secretary
  • Mrs. K. Duda, Guidance Technician

Middle school teachers have moved to a consolidated assignments page for each grade level. Assignments pages can be viewed on a computer or any mobile device.

Northwestern Elementary Faculty

  • Mr. D. Christensen, Principal
  • Mrs. L. Andrews, Guidance
  • Ms. P. Norton, Secretary
  • Mrs. L. Braden, Clerk
  • Mrs. W. McKeen, Special Education Secretary

K - 2

  • Mrs. M. Verga, Kindergarten (Fawcett)
  • Mrs. C. Linz, Kindergarten
  • Mrs. H. Vanicek, Kindergarten
  • Miss N. Campbell, 1st Grade
  • Mrs. L. Dudenhoefer, 1st Grade
  • Mrs. C. Porter, 1st Grade
  • Mrs. K. Bennett, 2nd Grade
  • Mrs. C. Henley, 2nd Grade
  • Mrs. M. Nuber, 2nd Grade

3 - 5


  • Mrs. M. Abbott, Intervention Specialist
  • Mrs. L. Braden, Paraprofessional Aide
  • Mrs. S. Campbell, Speech-Language
  • Mrs. R. Clark, Cafeteria
  • Mrs. M. Cotton, Physical Education
  • Mrs. T. Crane, Art
  • Mrs. S. Doutt, Intervention Specialist
  • Mrs. M. Enssle, Cafeteria
  • Mr. D. L. Fuller, Math
  • Mrs. S. Greenlee, Life Skills
  • Mr. C. Haskins, Enrichment
  • Mrs. L. Johnson, Cafeteria
  • Mr. B. Johnston, Learning Support
  • Mrs. C. Klemm, Paraprofessional Aide
  • Mrs. D. Knapp, Cafeteria
  • Mrs. L. Luzier, Nurse
  • Mr. K. Maracci, Library
  • Mrs. A. L. Mitchell, Cafeteria
  • Mrs. S. Mundkowsky, Nurse's Aide
  • Mrs. M. Parrish, Intervention Specialist
  • Mrs. E. Pavolko, Library Aide
  • Mrs. K. Rapela, Emotional Support
  • Mrs. K. Tramontana, Intervention Specialist
  • Mrs. B. Walters, Cafeteria
  • Mr. M. Wheeler, Music


Springfield Elementary Faculty

  • Mr. R. Harvey, Principal
  • Mrs. L. Andrews, Guidance
  • Mrs. C. Mischler, Secretary

K - 2

  • Mrs. C. Headley, Kindergarten
  • Miss T. Hockenberry, Kindergarten
  • Mr. R. Cox, 1st Grade
  • Mrs. V. Johnson, 1st Grade
  • Mrs. L. Alexander, 2nd Grade
  • Mrs. K. Minman, 2nd Grade

3 - 5


  • Mrs. M. Cotton, Physical Education
  • Mrs T. Crane, Art
  • Mrs. S. Hall, Cafeteria
  • Mrs. D. Furman, Cafeteria
  • Mr. C. Haskins, Gifted Education
  • Mrs. J. Hipwell, Learning Support
  • Mrs. S. Klobusnik, Paraprofessional Aide
  • Mrs. D. Kuhn, Music
  • Mrs. B. Lawrence, Reading
  • Mrs. L. Luzier, Nurse
  • Mr. K. Maracci, Library
  • Mrs K. Martz, Learning Support
  • Ms. J. Michael, IU Speech/Language
  • Mrs. S. Mundkowsky, Nurse's Aide
  • Mrs. E. Pavolko, Library Aide
  • Mr. B. Plucknett, Title Reading/Math
  • Mrs. M. Reynolds, Cafeteria
  • Ms. K. Woodfield, Autistic Support