Instructional Technology Specialist & PIMS Administrator • Mrs. Susanne Lehman • 814.756.9400x5345 •

Technology Support Mr. John Davis • 814.756.9400x5345 •

Do experience connectivity issues at home?

Do you not have internet available where you live?

The district has hot spots available to our families.

  • Please contact the district office at 814-756-9400x4254 or email for pickup information.

Hot Spot Login Instructions

  • Be sure the hot spot is fully charged before powering on. Place the hot spot near a window, so it will pick up the best signal.

  • Hold power button until “Welcome” message appears on the LCD display.

  • The hot spot will go through a start-up process, once complete, it should read “LTE, T-Mobile, Press power for menu”

  • You will press the power/green button once and it will give you a message regarding the cycle, you can ignore.

  • Press the power/green button again and the “name” of the hot spot will appear. It will start with Franklin followed by a letter and numbers. This is the name of the WiFi network that you should see on the Chromebook after logging in.

  • Select the Franklin network to connect to and then press the power/green button on the hot spot again and the password will display. This is what will be entered for the security key for the network. Once it’s connected, you should be able to proceed with assignments and projects.

Still having issues with the hot spot?

  • You can contact T-Mobile directly at 844-341-4834 to troubleshoot your issue.