NWE Faculty

Most district e-mail addresses are in the format of first initial, last name followed by @nwsd.org. For example, to e-mail Sample Teacher, you would e-mail "steacher@nwsd.org" ~ in the case where two users have the same first initial and last name, a middle initial is included on this page.

Teachers with web pages appear as links.

  • Mr. T. Trimble, Principal
  • Mrs. L. Andrews, Guidance

K - 2

  • Mrs. H. Fawcett, Kindergarten
  • Mrs. C. Linz, Kindergarten (Long-Term Sub for H. Fawcett
    C Linz
  • Mrs. M. Parker, Kindergarten
  • Mrs. H. Vanicek, Kindergarten
  • Miss N. Campbell, 1st Grade
  • Mrs. L. Dudenhoefer, 1st Grade
  • Mrs. C. Porter, 1st Grade
  • Mrs. K. Bennett, 2nd Grade
  • Mrs. C. Henley, 2nd Grade
  • Mrs. M. Nuber, 2nd Grade

3 - 5


  • Mrs. M. Abbott, Intervention Specialist
  • Mrs. S. Campbell, Speech-Language
  • Mrs. M. Cotton, Physical Education
  • Mrs. T. Crane, Art
  • Mrs. S. Doutt, Intervention Specialist
  • Mr. D. L. Fuller, Math
  • Mrs. S. Greenlee, Life Skills
  • Mr. C. Haskins, Enrichment
  • Mr. B. Johnston, Learning Support
  • Mrs. L. Luzier, Nurse

  • Mr. K. Maracci, Library
  • Miss K. O'Connor, Emotional Support
  • Mrs. M. Parrish, Intervention Specialist
  • Mrs. K. Tramontana, Intervention Specialist
  • Mr. M. Wheeler, Music


  • Ms. Shayla Brown
  • Ms. Samantha Lane