5 Northwestern art students take top honors in comic contest

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100 art students from across the region entered work in the Erie Times News and Erie Art Museum’s first ever “Create Your Own Comics” contest.

Eleven winners were announced on Jan. 4.

Five of those 11 winners are Northwestern Wildcats.

Congratulations to all the winners:

 Grades 9-12

1st Place: “Magic & Modern,” by Zachariah Bartlett, 14, ninth grade, North East High School

2nd Place:“The Stolen Painting,” by Kendall Fawcett, 10th grade, Northwestern High School

AND “Ms. Justice and the Conflict from Within,” by Katlyn Mary Enssle, 15, 10th grade, Northwestern High School

3rd place: Carl Walter, 15, 9th grade, Northwestern High School


Grades 5-8

1st Place: “The Night Merc,” by Zyshyon Vaughn, seventh grade, Connell Elementary

2nd place: Hana Kosiorek, 11, 6th grade, Northwestern Middle School

3rd place (tie): “Stick Boy Going on A Space Adventure,”Rachael Edgar, 10, fifth grade, Corry Area Intermediate  AND “Molly the Mermaid Saves the Sea,” by Raeleigh Black, 6th grade, Northwestern Middle School


Grades K-4

1st Place: “The Kitty Comics,” by Gigi Kim, 8, second grade, Elk Valley Elementary School

2nd Place: “The Human Band,” by Landon DeDionisio, 8, second grade, Grover Cleveland

3rd Place: “Space Bunny,” by Joshua Hoffman, 8, second grade, Grover Cleveland

Entries were judged on content and illustrations by a panel of Erie Times-News staff, Erie Art Museum staff and Jude Shingle, curator of Box of Light Studio.

“I like strong female superheroes, so I thought – a woman superhero, who had the power of fire,” sixth-grade winner Hana Kosiorek said.

Sixth-graders took time in class learning about how to form storyboards and work a comic book or graphic novel through to the finished product.

“They really got into it and enjoyed it,” middle school art teacher Patty Friel said.

High school English support teacher and art teacher Nancy Chase co-taught a unit on creating a graphic story.

Students came up with their own idea in a hero theme. They went through the stages of building a story, learned how to create a character and build it in, all while bringing whole thing to life through illustrations.

“This is a perfect example of core curriculum meeting elective curriculum,” high school Principal Dan Shreve said. “The kids see these two teachers working together and how those two seemingly different areas of study come together. That land of collaboration brings students success.”

Contestants were invited to a reception at the Erie Art Museum on Jan. 10. Winners were awarded prizes.

The students’ work will stay at the museum as a part of its permanent collection.
See the winners all together in the high school art room on Jan. 8:
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Jan 17, 2016, 6:55 PM