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World Soil Day

posted Dec 13, 2017, 12:29 PM by Tammie Clinger
High school students celebrated World Soil Day on December 5.  The projects took several days to complete, but the finished products are amazing! 
World Soil Day 2017
Mercedes Vasilik, Kendall Fawcett, Valerie Brown, Violette Hosack, and Ashley Courson created the painting
using different types of clay soil.  We chose mountains as our landscape to represent the connection between soil and watersheds.  The YouTube video shows the students working on the painting. 

YouTube Video

Clay Mountain

The painting below, “Tree of Life,” was made using wet white and terracotta clay.  Students, Tiffani Homan, Cheyenne Gurto, Cameron Boyer, Caitling Roseberry and Kayla Lago wanted to paint something sprouting from the ground and a tree was the first idea that came to mind.  The Tree of Life seemed to be the exact depiction they were hoping for to communicate the importance and connection of soils.

Tree of Life

YouTube Video

Paul Broadwater, Dawson Butts, Heather Bowers, Emily Schmidt, and Alanna Heck depicted the Brig Niagara sailing on the icy waters of Lake Erie.  To make the “paint” students mixed different soil clays.   They created dimension by varying the thickness of the clay applied with a palette knife.  Dark surface soil from the school grounds was mixed with the clay to create shadows.

Niagara on Icy Lake Erie

YouTube Video