HS Faculty

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Most district e-mail addresses are in the format of first initial, last name followed by @nwsd.org. For example, to e-mail Sample Teacher, you would e-mail "steacher@nwsd.org" ~ in the case where two users have the same first initial and last name, a middle initial is included on this page.

Teachers with web pages appear as links.

A - G
H - P
  • Mr. C. Haskins, Enrichment
  • Mrs. N. Herath, Assistant Principal

  • Mr. A. Honeycutt, Agriculture
  • Mrs. S. Macfarlane, Science
  • Mrs. S. Mahoney, Learning Support
  • Mrs. B. Miller, Business
  • Mr. C. A. Miller, Social Studies
  • Mrs. J. Miller, Learning Support
    J Miller
  • Mr. R. Miller, Technology Education
  • Mrs. C. Murray, Science
  • Mr. J. Nagle, Guidance Counselor
  • Ms. S. Ogden, English
  • Mrs. S. Ordakowski, Tutor
  • Mr. S. Palotas, Learning Support
  • Mr. R. Parker, English
  • Mrs. S. Pavolko, Life Skills
S - Z
  • Mr. P. Regan, Mathematics & Science
  • Mr. S. Richards, Health & Phys Ed
  • Mrs. M. Ruland, Science
  • Mrs. M. Severo, Spanish
  • Mrs. J. Schmidt, Family & Consumer Science
  • Mr. A. Shaw, Social Studies
    A Shaw
  • Mr. S. Shimek, Social Studies
  • Mrs. J. Shipton, Mathematics
  • Mrs. M. Smith, Study Hall Monitor
  • Ms. C. Soerensen, German
  • Ms. K. Sundberg, Nurse
  • Mrs. A. Thiem, Language Arts
  • Mrs. S. Throop, Mathematics
  • Mr. J. Wolford, Social Studies